Friday, November 2, 2007

Spiders and Fears

Why do kids like spiders on Halloween but scream about them every other day of the year?

All three of my kids cry and scream whenever they see something that even remotely looks like a spider. However, this halloween they received several spiders from many different places. You would think they'd throw them away. But no, not my kids. I'm finding them in my bed, on the couch, and even on the back of the toilet.

What's even funnier is my kids don't like halloween - well, except for my oldest. But the younger two do not share in the hype of the day. So what is the intrigue about spiders? I don't know if it is to scare me (which would benefit them if I were truly scared), or if in their own way it's like playing with fire. They have a fear of the real thing, but playing with the fake sort of puts them in control over that fear.

If they could only realize that we don't need to fear anything. God is in control. I know we don't see it sometimes, and the spiritual battles seem to be getting tougher to fight - even for the kids. But the rewards are there when we trust, and the fear just falls away. I pray that there is a way I can help my children see through the fear to God so that they don't have to play with the fake things in life to feel in control of their fears.

In the meantime, I will just keep throwing away the spiders left for me to trip over. They never even realize when they are gone.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dance Recital!

Sunday marked the big day of our dance recital. All three of my girls were in it as you can see by some of the pics. It was so hot, but such a blast. My girls were the stars of the shows in my eyes. Of course, I didn't get to see it because I was a "backstage mom." I'll have to wait for the DVD to come out. However, they were all smiles and they loved performing for the people. I heard that Gabby nailed her tumbling and was as cute as a button performing her tap and ballet. I heard that Elis was all smiles and hamming it up in her own way during her tap and ballet routines. Ariel, the oldest and newest at dancing, outdid herself with her professional smile and her smoothe moves. I was very proud.

I was more proud, however, of my girls backstage. Backstage was crazy. Everyone was changing from costume to costume. Ariel could have run off with her friends, because they were able to change themselves. But Ariel went around and helped the moms of the little ones change the costumes. Some moms were alone with 13 preschoolers! And she just aided and helped to make sure things ran as smoothe as possible. Gabby and Elis stayed and did as they were told the entire time. They were trying to help in their own way to help the program move smoothly. I truly am blessed by my girls.

Only 2 1/2 more weeks until we move! Yeah!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New Beginnings

Wow, it's been a long time since I've been on here. My life has been crazy and I still need to update, huh. It's good for my senses.

My family has made some decisions in the last few weeks that have been hard, and not fun, but necessary. I also have never realized just how much my husband loves me until the last few weeks. Don't get me wrong, I have never doubted that he loves me. I just did not realize how deep his love is for me until now. For example, I was in a situation where I was being taken advantage of and had been enduring some things through a "friend" of the family. My husband rushed in like a knight in shining armor and took care of the situation. I couldn't have handled it as Christ like as he did or as well. And that is just one example.

As far as the new beginnings. Where do I begin? Back in February I noticed the neighborhood had changed over the winter. This place hasn't been great in ages, but I genuinely started to fear for the children's safety. We decided to pray and pursue buying a house. Right away the realtor started showing us houses based on what one lender had said. Then the lender stopped returning calls, and we couldn't figure out what was going on. They just kept saying, "You're work should be done in a week." Luckily, our realtor was a good, christian woman looking out for me and gave us the number for her friend. We called her and found out the situation almost seemed hopeless. So for four months we have been working and working to fix the credit report (having the same name as other family members can be not a good thing). Anyway, so two weeks ago, the lender called the realtor and told her that we should hear something withing the next couple of weeks and to prepare us. So we made an appointment for this past Thursday. To make a long story short, Thursday come and our loan still hadn't gone through, but Diane (the realtor) still wanted to show the houses. The two we thought we wanted turned out to be someone else's wastelands. When we walked into the last house (it was only the fifth one), my husband and I both heard the Lord say, "this is your house." I told my husband, he said the same thing happened to him, and the realtor said she could have sworn she did as well. We looked around and fell in love with the place. So we figured as soon as we got the paperwork we would put a bid on it.

Now here is where God tests us. He told us the house was ours did He not? The realtor calls ruben later and said that someone had put a bid on the house, and they were reviewing the offers (there were three total) at 3:30 p.m. She talked to Linda (the lendor) and decided it was safe to write up an offer. So my husband and the realtor wrote up an offer and I was devastated thinking that it would take a miracle for the house to become ours. So, not wanting to be one of those people who claim to hear God and then back down from it, my friend and I were driving and started praying over the house about 3:15.

God told us this house was for us. His sheep hear His voice. I did not even care about the other offers. If God wanted us to have this house, this house was ours! I just decided to relax.

Here is how my God answers. Ruben calls me at 4. The loan went through at 3:00 and they accepted our offer at 3:30 and are paying our closing costs as well! Praise the Lord!

How many of us can say, "I started looking inside houses, got the loan, made an offer, and got it accepted all in one day!" It was God. The house also has already passed inspection, and we should close by the middle of July. How awesome is that!

So now I am not babysitting at the moment, and God knew why. I've been trying to pack and get this place in order. I don't have a lot to do because God told me to start packing months ago. I endured ridicule for packing before I had any pre-approved loans, but I had to do what God told me to do. There were times I questioned whether or not this was going to happen or whether or not I had heard God. However, I had a check in my spirit and had to follow orders. Now God is getting the last laugh, because if I had not done all that, I would be up a creek without a paddle now. I'd have too much to do.

We may not understand His ways, but we are to obey them. Everything will play itself out in the end. I am so glad that for once I listened to God over my friends' logic. Because now I can move in peace and not in panic.

Thank you, Lord for making this possible for us and for all Your blessings on us! To you be all glory and honor.

Oh yeah, we got a pool too!

I've been tagged

5 things i was doing 10 years ago:
1. Working at a job I hated, 2. Debating whether or not to move to Texas with my parents, 3. Helping run the national youth program for a spanish denomination behind the scenes, 4. Deciding whether or not to marry Ruben and 5. Deciding whether or not to finish school (that was a rough time period for me ten years ago).

5 snacks i love:
1. white chocolate popcorn, 2. yogurt, 3. bananas, 4. fudgecicles, 5. cheesecake

5 songs i know the words to:
1. All things are possible (my theme song), 2. Never alone by Barlow Girl, 3. American Soldier, 4. Jesus take the wheel, and 5. Most songs by Hillsong

5 things i'd do if i were a millionaire:
1. Tithe 2. Pay off house and bills 3. get the college accounts set up for the kids 4. secure my mother and 5. Ask God where He needs it

5 bad habits: 1. junk food 2. not getting into my quiet place enough 3. Like Jen, not exercising enough 4. spending money at direct sales parties 5. watching too much tv

5 things i like to do: 1. Read 2.Play with the kids 3.go swimming 4. American girl store/onine store 5. Go to the kids' sports and events and watch them strive to become who it is they will be

5 things i won't wear again: 1. spandex 2. almost 3 inch high bangs 3. black patent leather shoes as casual wear 4. New Kids on the Block clothing, and 5. Bright Teal and Hot Pink together

5 fave toys: 1. American girl dolls (Love Samantha) 2. puzzles 3. baton 4. Hoolahoop 5. and yeah Jen, the magna doodle is fun

5 people i tag: 1. Ken and I don't know anyone else on the blogger here with an account that hasn't already been tagged.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Missing Dad!

Sometimes days go by and I don't even think of my dad much anymore. Then something will trigger his memory and I just want to cry. For instance, today I heard a song that my dad used to dance with me to and used to sing to me. I started missing him so bad that my chest ached. It's not even the anniversary of his passing. So I shouldn't be this wimpy about it.

The Mills brothers sang "Daddy's Little Girl" and my dad loved LOVED it! That was our song, he'd always say. "You're the end of the rainbow, you're my pot of gold. You're daddy's little girl to have and hold. A precious gem is what you are. You're mommy's bright and shining star," brought the tears to my eyes. But they didn't pour down until I heard: "You're the spirit of Christmas, my star on the tree. YOu're the Easter bunny to mommmy and me. You're sugar you're spice, you're everything nice, and you're daddy's little girl."

My dad wasn't involved too much with us. But when he did, the time mattered. He wasn't a tiny man either. I still remember him singing this song to me, so nasal and out of tune, but he meant it. I remember before he got sick with cancer, and his hair was dark. I remember him showing up to all of my ball games, no matter how tired he was from work. I remember him showing up to all my plays, and major events. Again, time with him was scarce, but it counted.

Dad, I love you and miss you. I'll be seeing you when the Good Lord brings me home, until then tell Jesus hi for me.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Being Thankful during adversity

"I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify Him with thanksgiving." Psalm 69:30

When times get hard, I sometimes think that life can't get any worse. I forget that the trying of my faith worketh patience. I think that my life is horrible (wow, I know I know). I fight really hard to not go into a depression or a "funk" but sometimes I cannot help it. I give in and cave right in there. These last two weeks have been very trying for me. During these trying times, we are easily acceptable to have a party - a pity party. "Oh poor me. Why does this always happen to me," and so on.

But then here comes God. He gets frustrated or annoyed with us I think. Because He says, "YOu think you got it bad? Come on." Then our eyes are opened to other people who we think have it all together. We see people are being unfairly accused, or mistreated, or abused, or so poor they can barely eat. We see things that we KNOW we could not handle in life. We thank God that our crosses are easier to bare. But are we really thankful? Are we really thankful for the things in our lives that God has blessed us with? Are we thankful for the little things? Are we thankful for tests and trials because they make us better? Are we thankful for the darts of the enemy because we know we are doing something right in the Lord? In general, instead of whining and having pity parties, shouldn't we be thanking God for the air we breathe and the life we have?

Well, I for one am tired of being inadequate and unthankful. I'm very tired of my whiny ways. I think I am an Israelite. I want the promised land and the blessings, but I whine and complain. So here is my goal for the next week. I am going to be thankful in all things, and I am going to not complain.

I know, my friends, that sounds like a hard thing to do, but I believe that God can help me to achieve it. He has good plans for me. He has plans to prosper me. I will think and speak what God wants for me to do. I will no longer look at my problems, but instead the fixer of the problems. I will no longer worry about things beyond my control and give it to the Lord. I will be thankful in all things.

God help me achieve this goal. Thank You Lord. To You be all glory and honor forever.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

When life gets us down

"So do not fear for I am with you; do not be dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." - Isaiah 41:10

What a week! Sometimes we think we can become invincible and that nothing can get us down. Who are we fooling anyway? Certainly not ourselves - because even an idiot would know that when we think we become invincible either the Lord or Satan will knock us off our pedestal to show us how little we really are. The Lord will use it to shape our character, and the enemy just wants to knock us down.

My brother-in-law was in a terrible car accident on Thursday evening while driving to town. They tried and we all prayed, and unfortunately they had to take his leg yesterday. When my husband told me about this, all I could think of was how sorry I felt. I cried, and I felt so bad for Nanu. My husband was happy. I couldn't believe it.

Why? Nanu is the epitomy of energy. Whenever my kids have a birthday party (almost always held at Lisa's Gymnastics), the adults sit around, drink coffee and hang out. Nanu? No. He's with the kids and jumping on the trampoline. He jumps so high, and to impress us he does flips. I've never seen a man in his mid twenties be able to do flips on a trampoline. Besides the parties, Nanu is always going to the gym, playing basketball, playing the drums on the worship team, helping people move, drives everywhere, and helps out whenever anyone asks. So when many of his dreams have been shattered due to this loss how can my husband be so happy about it?

I didn't ask him point blank, I didn't want to seem rude. But I sat back and I pondered his words for awhile. When we got the call late Thursday night and were woken up, we did not know what happened or the extent of the injuries. You see, I laid in bed all night long trying to sleep while my husband was quietly interceding next to me on the bed. He was trying so hard not to worry, but worry crept in and claimed him anyway. Don't get me wrong, I prayed too. But I felt that at 1:30 in the morning, God knew my heart and had heard my prayers, and I went back to sleep while Ruben charged on in the spirit realm. It wasn't until Friday morning before we heard anything, and we found out Nanu was still in surgery. The doctors were trying to save his leg. Ruben was relieved. So as I am looking with the natural eyes of what Nanu cannot do, my husband is looking with spiritual eyes as to what God can do.

Nanu should have died in that car. More than once the enemy has come to try to steal his life. My husband sees a life that was saved! My husband sees a testimony of how God can make the impossible possible. My husband is just so happy that he still has his brother here on this planet for a little while longer. Sure, life will be tough for awhile as Nanu recovers and learns how to maneuver without his leg. But he will be reminded how God loves him, and spared him. He still has work to do on this earth and his time is not up yet.

I am reminded of Jacob here. I know it is not the same thing. I know Nanu wasn't phyically wrestling with God. But, Jacob had a purpose, and even though he was lame in his latter life, he knew he had a purpose for God. His limp reminded him of his purpose and the blessings which were to follow him. I know God has a lot instore for my brother-in-law. And I know that blessings will pour down on him. I think we can all thank God for the miracles so far in this situation.

As for us, I thank God he has brought us through this week. This has been a tough week. I mean we all speed, and we all make minor mistakes while driving. This could have happened to anyone. We all hurt when a family member hurts. But I know I do not need to fear life because God is with us and will strengthen us. Thank you, Lord for Your promises.

Have a blessed week!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


My how our children make our days - or not. I love my children with my entire being. I really do. There is nothing to remind how much you love them as finding out one of them fell off one of those moon walk slides and you have to take her to the ER to make sure she's okay. (Thank God it was just a sprained elbow.) Or when you take your daughter to the doctor for a cold and find out she's been suffering from asthma attacks (she's fine too), or finally, having your baby sent to a hospital in Chicago because the doctors can't help her go to the bathroom and she's in misery (she ended up healed as well).

Whew, why do these kids try to cause us so much worry when the Lord specifically said to not worry in the new testament? Is it a test? Is it a trial? Is it for the shaping of our character? Or maybe, just maybe God wants us to lean on Him and trust in Him. I for one must really need to learn to do that. My oldest was diagnosed with Asthma, and she has barely suffered at all this year. My middle child, Gabby, fell off the moon walk on Friday at a birthday party, and only sprained her elbow. Thank the Lord for that because we all (including the doctors) thought it was fractured. And Elis had a long time battle with her bowels -from the time of birth - and has some how miraculously overcome it.

So I am learning to lean upon the Lord without much understanding because His ways are not my ways, and they are past my understanding. All I know is through every trial and test that I have gone through, I have come out of it. Some I won, and some I didn't come out so well in. However, I have come out none the less. I would have won them all if I obeyed the Word each time and trusted in my God without worry. Worry just seems to follow some of us.

I started to worry a little on Sunday about this house hunting thing. It's taking so much longer than I anticipated. But a wonderful, wise woman (my pastor's wife) reminded me that I know better than that (to have that attitude). She reminded me that God knows what is best for me and He has everything planned and picked out. I just need to (ugh) WAIT on Him and put my trust in Him.

If I take her advice, then He takes the worry away and He takes my cares upon Himself. So I will trust in the Lord with all my heart, and I will not lean on my own understanding. I will not worry about what I cannot accomplish today - because if He can take care of a little sparrow, then I know He can take care of me.


Monday, April 2, 2007

Weekly Courage

Another Monday morning. I can't believe how fast time flies. Spring break was fun but not nearly long enough. I loved not having to run my kids and the kids I watch everywhere. It was nice to get caught up on other things and go on outings.

However, vacation time is over. It is time for life to present itself and there is much to do. Thankfully, I can face this Monday knowing my God is with me. I can face this week knowing that my God is giving me strength and courage. He tells me in his Word that He is with me with each step I take. He is with me with each cookie I bake. He is there to watch me make a mistake, and to guide me to fix it. He is there to forgive me when I sin, and to love me inspite of all of my faults. He is there at night when I go to sleep. I love that. My Lord is always here.

I better make sure I am always aware of Him being there. Sometimes we can forget that. When we forget that He is always there, we open doors to make decisions that will affect us and can possibly hurt us and Him as well. By remembering that He is ALWAYS there, we can make better decisions. If we still make the wrong ones knowing He is there, then there is still rebellion in us and we need to check ourselves.

But I am encouraged because His Word leaves us with some encouraing scriptures to guide us and to help us remember that He is always there:

"So do not fear for I am with you; do not be dismayed for I am your God. I will strenghten you and help you; I will uphold you with My righteous hand." - Isaiah 41:10 (NIV)

Wow. Praise the Lord for that. He will strengthen me and help me. Thank You, Lord for that promise I intend to make sure I receive!!! I can be strengthened any time I need it by remembering this verse.

He also says:

"Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you; not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid." - John 14:27 (KJV)

Thanks for Your peace, Dear Lord. I thank You for leaving it with me. Thanks for telling me I do not need to be afraid of anything life throws at me, because You are leaving me with peace. I love this peace and I take it with me as I go through this day. To You be all glory and honor!

Have an awesome week! I love you all!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday Mornings

Monday mornings always seem to be dragging for a lot of people. This morning, I for one had a hard time getting out of bed. I even felt weak. Getting out of bed seemed to be next to impossible. However, I had a four year old jumping on me with demands. So I managed to climb out of bed.

After i came downstairs and finally made my coffee, I was very happy to find Ariel had found my favorite Bible (I have others, but I always seem to be lost without this one). Strangely, she had found my little Bible tote bag in her room. How it got there was anyone's guess. Anyway, I digress. Well, I sat down and started meditating on the wonderful, powerful, womens' meeting we had last night at church. There were many powerful pieces of His Word read. One of these verses really respoke to me this morning. I wanted to share it here:

"They that wait upon the Lord,
Shall renew their strength.
They shall mount up wtih wings like eagles.
They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint."

- Isaiah 40:31

If we wait upon him, our strength will be renewed, and we can do some amazing things. I'm so glad God gives us nuggets to chew on in His Word to carry us through each and every day. He is so gracious, and I pray that each decision I make will glorify Him. Be blessed!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What a week!

Sometimes I think to myself, how can I slow down? Life is driving really fast down this road, and I'm having a hard time looking at the hillside. Luckily, we all have to stop for gas sometime. Last week was wild WILD for me. I did 30 facials in 30 days (you are supposed to do that in a month), and I had over $1400 in sales. How exciting is that! Then we had career conference, which was inspiring. I think I can do this Mary Kay thing. I pray that God leads me and I give Him all the glory and the honor.

Anyway, while doing that I was also babysitting. I have two kids so far that i babysit regularly, and up to four extras from time to time. I am going to have to slowly fade that part of my life out because I'm too busy now. Besides, we are packing (looking to buy for the first time - yeah).

Yes, you heard right, we are going to buy a house. That's a big committment for Ruben and my relationship. There's no backing out of this marriage now. Once this house is bought, we are both in it for the long haul. Wow. That is serious stuff. Of course, being married for over nine years tells me that we should be ready to commit to a house. Just where we buy it is another issue. I want Portage or Valpo. He doesn't care. So we will see. What we have to do is stop resting at the gas station and get back into the car and see which city we land in.

Why giving it a try?

Each day in life there are many things we want to try and a lot of times never do if we do not think we can make it or succeed at it. Well, I'm tired of not fulfilling all my dreams and aspirations because of fear of trying. Therefore, my title is giving it a try. If I succeed, Praise the Lord. If I don't, well Praise the Lord again - because He is molding my character.

The first step I am taking in this giving it a try mode is this blog. I never thought I'd really jump on the blogging bandwagon, but I think it is good. It allows me to breathe, and figure out what really is going on inside my head. Writing is good that way. You just start typing or writing, and you realize that you have words to say and something really going on inside your head.

Th second step I am taking in this "Giving it a try" mode is my Mary Kay business. I am going to travel down this road and see where it will take me. Please keep me in prayer as I get started. I want God's perfect will for my life.

Now, let's grab some coffee and see what the Word is for today (anyone see where I last left my Bible?)