Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sprit and flesh

We are all called and we all have a purpose. Why do we spend so much time fighting it? I feel like I've been fighting something my entire life, only I don't know what I'm fighting. And then sometimes I feel like just giving up the fight. In reality the only things I need to worry about are following Christ and being a good example for Him, being a Godly mother and wife, and showing Christian love to my friends and family.

Honestly, I feel as though I've failed in those areas. My flesh fights hard and after all this time I realize that is what I'm fighting - my flesh! Why doesn't my flesh want to go the same way my spirit does? Why does it fight us so hard? I apologize to everyone I have let down. I can only pray that I start at this point and follow my Lord Jesus Christ and lead everyone around me into His peaceful presence. For there is no greater peace than in Him. "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Freedom!"

I'm praying that His Spirit is here in me, in my home, and in my life. Because there is freedom. Freedom to dance, freedom to sing, freedom to be who it is He has called me to be. If you want that peace and freedom too, just cry out to God because He says in His Word, "Whatever you ask for, believing you shall receive!"

I ask anyone out there listening to join me as I ask God, and believing His response, I say, "Lord, fill me with Your Spirit, never NEVER let me Go! I want Your Peace, and Your freedom! I want my family to follow You no matter what! I want my kids to walk in their full potential/calling, I want my husband to be at peace! Lord, I want to be alive in You and You alive in me. Lord, I don't want to know where You end and I begin! Guide me and protect me and those around me! Help me to stop fighting You, and whatever the fight is, Your word says to resist the devil and he will flee. Your Word says No weapon formed against us shall prosper, Your word also says When the enemy comes in like a flood You will lift up a standard against him, and finally, Your Word says that By Your stripes we are healed. Lead us into the everlasting and give us Your Spirit and Your peace and Your freedom right now! Heal me from any infirmities and from what the enemy is trying to do to Me. Greater are You that is in me than he that is in the world. Thank You, Lord. To You be all honor and glory forever! Amen. I love you, Lord."