Friday, March 1, 2013

Meeting Goals!

Okay, so my goal of scaling back on Farmville 2 on Facebook did not workout. I mean how can a game be so addicting for me? Well, this morning I had to go to extreme measures to ensure I'm not wasting anymore valuable time on games. I had to block it and delete my fake neighbors and fake FB pages I created to ensure that I got items when I needed them. It was so hard to do.

However, how can I get on my children and deny them facebook time for not having a clean room, finished homework, or just too much time on the internet when I myself haven't thawed anything out for dinner, or cleaned my own room, or finished any of the items on my to do list.

I must admit it, as I write this I realize I am the "P" word - a procrastinator who gets addicted to games on the internet. Ok, there, I said it. So, because I set forth goals for myself - and believe me I have many goals - I can't waste time watering and feeding and fertilizing and cooking in FB land when I am not accomplishing my real life goals. So there, I asked God for strength and He gave it to me.

I knew I had to block the games when I was rushing to FV 2 instead of reading my Bible in the mornings, or playing FV before my kids went off to school and not help her with breakfast or lunch. To be completely honest about how bad the addiction got, I have been letting her eat breakfast at school and taking her to school so we could both play at the same time.

Now there is a serious problem. I have now subjected my own child to my addiction and have helped her to get an addiction at the age of ten. The biggest problem was that I put FV2 before my God. I mean, who does that? Who sits there and basically says, "God, I don't have time to communicate with You because I'm playing games. I don't even have time to learn about You becuase I'm playing games." That is exactly who I do NOT want to be.

So now as I make my peace with God and pray He lets me back into His good graces, I am going to set forth and accomplish each goal I set for myself even if I have to find extreme or creative ways to do so. I pray that I get many things accomplished this year. My biggest goal is this year is to reach one of my other goals and not fall short.

I know I can do this because Phillipians 4:13 says I can. Have a great day!

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Hiding Places Moves Me

So one of my goals for this new year was to read all the books I own and haven't read before I purchase anymore. So far, I have been doing well. I cannot believe how many good books have sat on my shelves for years and I have not taken advantage of them.

I just finished, "The Hiding Place" with Corrie Ten Boom. I had it filed under B not realizing that her last name actually starts with a T. I have heard of her, but never really paid attention. She was someone the older, legalistic Christians liked and I was not like them. No, I was on fire. I was a new breed. I was bringing in a new wave of Christianity. How silly I was.

However, I read it. This real life story convicted me to the inner core and inspired me and encouraged me. I laughed at parts and cried at others. This was a book that I had a hard time putting down.

I was so excited to see how no matter what they went through, they were willing and obedient to God and what He wanted. They found God in each instant of their life. Corrie's attitude was more like mine is and she reminded me so much of myself. I had always looked to her as a perfect pillar in God's army, but she was a little hotheaded like me. She had a sense of justice, like do. Her sister, however, saw with God's eyes. She looked at the soldiers, the prisoners, and everyone through God's eyes. I couldn't believe it. These people tormented her and she loved them and felt bad for them being lost. I was so blown away! She even found God in the flea infested room, and eventually we all read how God truly was at work.

We also found that God was performing miracles like crazy that no one can explain, except that it was all God! And Corrie sure gave Him the glory! He deserved it.

This story brought me to reality and made me realize that no matter the circumstance I find myself in, God is always there. We may not see it or know it, but He is in each and every situation.

I thank God for using Corrie to bring me down on my knees and humble my spirit. I thank Him for showing us that when the enemy intends to wreak havoc in a nation or in our lives, He is there hidden and showing He is still the mighty King. Just reading about the salvation of so many women in the camps and later the staff and how she had to forgive the soldiers, nurses, betrayers and even led some to the Lord, lifted me up and encouraged me during this time of spiritual depression trying to take over our country.

God will not be mocked and I know that He will show Himself to me and to others if we keep our hearts true.

Read this book, you will not be sorry.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Lazy days of Winter

It has been so long since I have blogged. I would love to give an excuse, but it turns out I have just been enjoying the lazy days of winter. Or even worse, playing facebook games. I need to just ban all games from my facebook because they are so time consuming and what do they profit me? Lack of laundry being done, lack of vacuuming, etc.

I am not the normal person who can just play for a bit and then move on to the next. I get in 100% and get addicted. I tend to do that in many areas of my life. I give it all and give it all and become consumed by it. I have learned that my behavior isn't normal. So I am working on moderation and balance in my life.

That is one of my goals for 2013: I am going to learn how to balance all areas of my life in a normal way and do all things in moderation. Including eating. That one is a struggle for me as well.

Another goal for me is to get as many free Bibles and pass them out to children/people who can't always afford nice new Bibles by using the Tyndale Rewards program. I have already gotten a child a book with it for free and now I'm dedicating the rest of my points to Bibles. In a free country like ours, there is no need for anyone to go without a Bible. If you are interested in helping, the link is:

I have many goals and I will be trying to be realistic with them and will mention a new one with each blog and maybe even describe how I intend to meet those goals. My first one on moderation and balance will be a daily surrender and an accountability partner. The second one, will be to keep trying to earn points as the year progresses.

Well, as the new year begins, and all of our goals begin, so does the busyness of everyday life. We are in the middle of a gymnastic season, and church season, and school, and family. However, family should be at the front and not the back. As busy as life gets, do not forget the Lord and your families. Because everything else will fall by the wayside, but families and God are forever!

Have a great day!