Friday, March 1, 2013

Meeting Goals!

Okay, so my goal of scaling back on Farmville 2 on Facebook did not workout. I mean how can a game be so addicting for me? Well, this morning I had to go to extreme measures to ensure I'm not wasting anymore valuable time on games. I had to block it and delete my fake neighbors and fake FB pages I created to ensure that I got items when I needed them. It was so hard to do.

However, how can I get on my children and deny them facebook time for not having a clean room, finished homework, or just too much time on the internet when I myself haven't thawed anything out for dinner, or cleaned my own room, or finished any of the items on my to do list.

I must admit it, as I write this I realize I am the "P" word - a procrastinator who gets addicted to games on the internet. Ok, there, I said it. So, because I set forth goals for myself - and believe me I have many goals - I can't waste time watering and feeding and fertilizing and cooking in FB land when I am not accomplishing my real life goals. So there, I asked God for strength and He gave it to me.

I knew I had to block the games when I was rushing to FV 2 instead of reading my Bible in the mornings, or playing FV before my kids went off to school and not help her with breakfast or lunch. To be completely honest about how bad the addiction got, I have been letting her eat breakfast at school and taking her to school so we could both play at the same time.

Now there is a serious problem. I have now subjected my own child to my addiction and have helped her to get an addiction at the age of ten. The biggest problem was that I put FV2 before my God. I mean, who does that? Who sits there and basically says, "God, I don't have time to communicate with You because I'm playing games. I don't even have time to learn about You becuase I'm playing games." That is exactly who I do NOT want to be.

So now as I make my peace with God and pray He lets me back into His good graces, I am going to set forth and accomplish each goal I set for myself even if I have to find extreme or creative ways to do so. I pray that I get many things accomplished this year. My biggest goal is this year is to reach one of my other goals and not fall short.

I know I can do this because Phillipians 4:13 says I can. Have a great day!