Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Chains conquered by FREEDOM!

China is rocking at the olympic games. I have personally followed women's gymnastics since 1984 and have not seen china make such a big impression as they have this year. It wasn't that we deserved the gold medal or anything, China won it! Those routines were awesome. But as I watched the other sports I noticed that China is rocking this olympics. They are really earning all those gold medals. Yes, the U.S. has more medals, but as of right now China has more gold. They are shining, and we keep making silly mistakes. Which would be fine, but I have to admit this kind of concerned me at first.

Only a few months ago did the U.S. borrow tons of money from China for the tax credits given to the citizens of the United States. That concerned me as well. We are supposed to be a first world country and we are borrowing money. I read somewhere that the borrower is enslaved to the lendee (paraphrazed). And China's military is getting larger and larger. The states are getting more and more divided regarding the military. On top of all that you add the sermons from several preachers about the end times and the fall of the U.S. (because they are not an end time player), and you get people chained in hopelessness. I sense fear trying to creep in among the people.

So many people are engrossed in chains already. One foot is chained to financial struggles, the other foot chained to worrying about the children and family members, one hand/arm is chained by personal sins (judging, gossip, lying, immorality, etc), and the other arm is chained by weariness from life. Does anyone really need their back and neck covered in one big chain of hopelessness? It seems to be creeping in all around us with the direction the world is going. Well, I have to say this: there is freedom from the chains of darkness in one Person. For we were not given a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. Power and Love!

When we put Christ at the center of our being we have power over the enemy according to the gospel of Luke, and we have no reason to fear. For the Lord is on OUR side! We can be strong and walk forth in courage, for the Lord is always near!

Even though we are hearing many things that may seem scary, we can know that the Lord is giving us wisdom and knowlege. And with that knowledge comes a sense of responsibility. We can take that fear and hopelessness and let it consume us, or we can step out in the faith and knowledge of the Word we have been given and we can be a part of the greatest time in History. I mean, we have to be special in every way if the Lord chose us to be alive at a time like this. The purpose in our lives is not meant to be void! We are meant to walk in freedom, and bring others to that knowledge and freedom as well.

I will end this with some very beautiful words I like to listen to on my ipod: "I cry freedom from the chains that bind your children, freedom from the chains that bind our praises, freedom from the lies of the enemy - freedom!"

Also, "Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom! When your lost and you are thirsty, there is freedom!"

Monday, February 11, 2008

New Days

So now here I am in 2008. What have I done so far this year? Not alot. I mean, i have started a new lifestyle, and I am making progress with my preschoolers. However, I don't even know if I wrote out my goals for this year. Maybe I am afraid of failing. I failed last year. Why do we do that? Why do we set goals and then just give up when we don't accomplish them? Is giving up the answer? Did God ever give up on us when we failed? No. So why should we give up on ourselves?

So here it is. For 2008, I just want to get closer to God and work on my health. I want to be around and to be a mother my children can be proud of. I have already been doing both so it should not be hard to accomplish the other right? Right. With prayer, all things are possible.

So here's to 2008, and to my new lifestyle. GOd help me accomplish these goals.