Monday, February 11, 2008

New Days

So now here I am in 2008. What have I done so far this year? Not alot. I mean, i have started a new lifestyle, and I am making progress with my preschoolers. However, I don't even know if I wrote out my goals for this year. Maybe I am afraid of failing. I failed last year. Why do we do that? Why do we set goals and then just give up when we don't accomplish them? Is giving up the answer? Did God ever give up on us when we failed? No. So why should we give up on ourselves?

So here it is. For 2008, I just want to get closer to God and work on my health. I want to be around and to be a mother my children can be proud of. I have already been doing both so it should not be hard to accomplish the other right? Right. With prayer, all things are possible.

So here's to 2008, and to my new lifestyle. GOd help me accomplish these goals.