Saturday, August 25, 2012


I was speaking with an old friend this past week whom I hadn't seen in years. She is really an amazing woman. She asked me how someone in my family was doing, and I did not know how to answer without the situation going to complete awkward in zero to sixty real quick! This old friend saw my struggle and perceiving the amount of people I hadn't seen in years, advised me to say to the guests when they asked that my loved one was "working on the testimony of their life." I loved that saying. I really did. It spoke to my heart. Because the Word of God is so powerful to me and I have to trust in it's promises. If my loved one has been raised in the knowledge of the Lord, then when they are grown the Word of the Lord will not depart from their mouth. I felt my spirit lifted back from awkward to peace instantly!

However, my excitement did not end there!!! My friend went on to have me sit with her and proceded to talk to me about one of my children, who is a practicing prodigal on her way back home - Working on her testimony! She told me that there is no need to worry about my loved ones. My friend told me that I had to give them over to God and to stand on His promises. Then God, through her, showed me a promise straight from His best selling book.

It is found in Jeremiah verse thirty-one and verses sixteen and seventeen:
"But now this is what the Lord says:
'Do not weep any longer,
for I will reward you,' says the Lord.
'Your children will come back to you
from the distant land of the enemy.
There is hope for your future,' says the Lord.
'Your children will come again to their own land.'

You see, God's word never changes. Have you ever read a book as a child and when you went to reread it as an adult you found that some of the instances were changed or modified? Maybe some passages were removed or edited out of the newer version of the book? Well, that has happened to me to a bunch of books. The author does that to make the book more accomidating to the present time period. Well, let me tell you something. God's Word does not change. It is the same today, yesterday, and forever! He cannot change nor will His Word ever.

I was so blessed to hear that scripture that my friend shared with me and I have been rereading it in many different versions and applying it to my heart. I want it laminated for the refrigerator. I know my kids will be with me in paradise one day. I know my whole family will be in the throne room worshipping the Father with me. I know my family will reunite altogether one day and dance before the Lord in worship.

Why do I know this? Because the Lord is telling me through His Word! This is so awesome that I just had to share it with you. I thank the Lord and give Him all the glory! He is the master of my life and I would be nothing without Him. I am far from a perfect creature so I can't even -nor do I want to - imagine what my life would be like without Him in it!

Thank You, Lord for giving me my life and for honoring Your Word. I know the doctors were concerned, but I applied Your Word over me and now I am healthy! I know that when kids or siblings wander through the world, they will come Home because Your word says they will return from the enemy's camp! Thank You, Lord! To You be all honor and glory forever!

Love and bless you!

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